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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Canon PhotoMarathon 2009

Share Attended this year Canon PhotoMarathon 2009. Registration starts at 7am and shooting starts 9.30am. Together we all start off with some rain tagging along. I reach there around 7.40am. Not much people in that area but a lot of staff. My guess is the staff there are efficient and everyone has been registered. Upon reaching the Elephant Walk entrance, the guards told me, no entry to the car park. You have to park at Monash University parking. So I had to parked there and walked to the registration venue. Not that far luckily. KM parked at Sunway Resort...that's like 20 minutes walk away. So I ain't complaining about parking at Monash University. And it only charges me RM2. Fair enough :)

Date: 10th October 2009
Venue: Sunway Lagoon
Theme: Splash, Red, Shooting in progress

Anyway, after spending like half a day there in Sunway Lagoon without much luck and without any good idea and understanding of the theme, I still manage to get photos for the 3 themes. Photo sucks and very beginner. So here are my entries for the 3 themes. For other photos, it will have to wait because it is very tiring.

Theme 1: Splash

Theme 2: Red

Theme 3: Shooting in progress

Ok, that's all the photos for now. I'll upload more after doing some post processing :)