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Friday, January 1, 2010

Kenneth and Jasmine – Couple shooting


Date: 12th December 2009
Time: Morning
Weather: Sunny, good sun
Location: Somewhere in Subang.

It was a sunny Saturday morning. The shoot with Renee was postponed indefinitely. So shooting buddy Roy managed to arrange a couple shoot with Kenneth and Jasmine. This will be another attempt from me to do a couple shoot. Previous attempts kinda sucks. Did a lot of touch up for this collection. I am trying to make it a nice as possible. This is also my first attempt to compile all the photos into a video. I use the ready tool from Picassa. One song and one transition effect. What the heck right? Just give it shot at it. The song is recommended by Kenneth. My brain can't work with so many photos at one time and so the outcome is not what I expected..But still, I put it up anyway. Not sure how well they like the collection, no feedback from them so far. Photos will be available in my Facebook. Anyone interested can add me in Facebook so that you can see the collection. I had to keep the photos to friends only. So here's the video...