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Sunday, February 28, 2010

One Summer Night


Date: 28th February 2010, 15th day of Chinese New Year, Chinese Valentine's Day
Time: 12am plus
Weather: Hot
Location: Outdoor, Puchong

One summer night...I held you close
You and I, under the moon of love...

It's been a while since I picked up my camera. Chinese New Year is a busy time, for sleeping and doing nothing at home. So today, 15th day of Chinese New Year, which is also Chinese Valentine's Day, I decide to take out my camera and try to do snapping. But I was on a visit to Tangkak and reach home quite late. Nothing much to snap. But then I notice the moon is very bright, so I thought why not snap a few photos of the moon. I remember a friend of mine, Vinoth showed me a few photos of the moon. It look nice, so no harm to give it a try on my own.

Mount my telephoto lens, set up my tripod and went out to set up my gear. Heck the moon is too high up, camera on tripod can't point that way. So what do I do? Heck, I just do what I can haha. The tripod is just to steady the shot. When all is ready, I took a few shots. Heck, it looks like a bright glowing light, that's all. So what a man is to do at this point? haha as usual, one turns to google for answer. Clicked the 1st result on the list and read it for 30 sec and went out again. haha. ISO set to 100. Aperture to 9 and shutter speed at 1/125. Engage the MLU (Mirror Lock Up) too. Fast shutter speed, no blurry photos. Cool! So here are a few photos among the 100 over photos. It's tiring shooting the moon when it's high above your head. seriously, it is tiring. :)







IMG_9864 IMG_9870


That’s all folks. Till next time