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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Celebration of Love: Alex and Cindy Pre-Wedding

Share Date: 2nd August 2012, Thursday to 4th August 2012, Saturday
Time: 3 days of shooting
Weather: cloudy, with rain. Occasional sunshine, but mostly raining.
Location: remote island somewhere in the south of Malaysia (I think)

The journey, started in Singapore where I am permanently based now. It was on a afternoon where the sun is bright. I took a bus to Changi International Airport and took a 45 minutes flight to the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Well the airport is pretty much outskirt, but I wouldn't complain, as my house is only 20 minutes away from the airport. So after spending the night with my family, I slept early and got ready for the shoot. Checked my batteries, grip, memory cards, flashgun, and I make sure I packed everything I needed for the shoot. It was going to be an early day the next day.

I couldn't sleep much, woke up quite early and got ready. The guys would be reaching at about 8am. The guys, referring to the bride, Cindy and groom, Alex and my shooting buddy Roy. As I sip my coffee, trying to kick start my system, I got a text, they are at Oldtown drinking coffee. Haha...and I actually wake up early for nothing. So what a man can when facing such situation?, browse facebook lor, what else right? Can't boot up the laptop, it takes darn long so end up using the little iPhone 4 to browse facebook. Anyhow, they finally arrived and the long drive to the south starts.

Nothing major during the ride, just some chit chat and talking nonsense. And we arrived at the destination getting ready to take a boat to the remote island. Ohh wait! How can I forget, we were late for the boat again! Yes, again. We've been there before for a nice holiday, we were late then. This time around we thought we can make it on time with time to spare, but turns out, we were late again. Haha, don't ask me how or why, no one knows. Alex was driving like a rally driver and the 2 photographers was swinging from left to right and left again. And phone calls were flying like crazy during the ride there, cooking up lies to cover our late arrival. Haha, anyhow, we managed to get a boat to the island and had our lunch. So off we go to the shoot...after we took short naps :P hey we all need a good power nap after the long drive, yes? Any how...

Day 1: Casual
Time: Evening
Weather: weather was warm and humid with nice amount of sun and clouds to soften the sunlight.
Photos from day 1

Day 2: Wedding gown
Time: Early morning
Weather: Cloudy with some sunshine afterwards

Day 2 started quite early but the weather was not on our side. It was cloudy in the morning and during preparation, rain started to fall. So we all end up taking breakfast and having coffee till late morning when the sun decided to come out for a little peek...Photos from Day 2, morning session

Day 2: Casual gown
Time: Early evening
Weather: Hot sun with occasional breeze.
After lunch break and a few cups of coffee, (I know! we love our coffee. Coffee is good!) we get ready for the 2nd part of the shoot with a slightly less formal, more casual kind of gown. Just to bring the mood to a more casual one....

And finally the last set
Day 2: Casual gown
Time: late evening
Weather: Cloudy with rain coming fast
This is a more casual selection. It supposed to be a more relaxed shoot, but as we are running against the cloudy skies that promises to bring heavy rain, we had to really shoot fast. After a few shots, the rain did come, with heavy rain. So we retreat back to our little resting place and drank more coffee. Lucky for us, the rain stopped after a while and we managed to catch a few more shot before we call it a day.

So that's all for this collection of photos. A very big thank you to the couple Alex and Cindy for letting me to be a part of something this big and also a big thank you to shooting buddy Roy for helping out with the shoot and capturing some beautiful moments which I have missed.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

KK Wong and Joanna Woo’s Pre-Wedding Shoot


Date: 7th April 2012, Saturday
Time: Mid Afternoon
Weather: bright sun, warm weather, high humidity
Location: Kampar

The journey started from KL. I remember vaguely it was 5am and my alarm clock went off. I woke up and went back to sleep. It was a Saturday, sleep is essential. Haha...and then a text message from shooting buddy Roy came, saying that he is on his way. I jumped up and go take a shower and got ready. Luckily for me things are packed the night before with exception of the camera battery. I packed those and I am set to go. We reached Anne's place (the planner) and load everything into the car to go to the next destination, the MUA's place. We've reached Lily's place (the MUA) and then go hunt for RON97 petrol. After filling up, we went to pick up the main photographer for the shoot, Mr. Yue Wai Chee. 5 person in the car and we fly to Kampar. We literally fly there in a car. The journey was a vague one...ohh we were all sleeping, was a Saturday mah...can't help it.

Anyway we reached there around 10am and Lily went straight to work. The official shoot starts at about noon, the worse time to do a photoshoot. But what the heck, we need to do it anyway. So we did, under the hot sun. I pity the bride, Joanna and the groom, KK having to endure the hot sun under the heavy attire.

After a few hours, we took a break for the 2nd session. It was hot as well but then things suddenly went cloudy and then it rained...There was the old shop houses and the miracles of the church and stuff…All and all, things went pretty much ok...Photos here








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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Madeline & Khee Hau–Historical Wedding


Date: 3rd December 2011
Time: Late evening
Weather: bright sun, warm weather
Location: Historical State of Malacca

The drive to Malacca was a pleasent one with shooting buddy Roy, at first. Then it was congested all the way on the highway. But finally we reached after getting lost using the GPS. Trust the GPS, I rather trust myself. Well eventually we reached the hotel. So we set down our stuff and get ready to go to the hotel. Gosh, it was so congested..But we reached after got stuck in the jam like for a few thousand years. And here are some photos from the dinner reception...Madeline was gorgeous as usual and Mr.Tan, that friendly face that you can never forget


Busy bride and worried hubby


Hugs with favorite aunty