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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Joo Hwee's Farewell 2009

Share It's been a while since I last updated this little blog of mine. The main reason? Well been having troubles with uploading my photos to this blog. Check out the PhotoMarathon entry and you'll get the idea. Nevertheless, I am a bit free today(for a few hours before I go back to my chores) I thought I'd give it another shot at uploading some of my previous collection. Mostly personal. So I'll kick it off with Joo Hwee's Farewell.

Joo Hwee, a friend I knew back when I joined Datacom in September 2007. She thought me a lot of stuff and gave me good advice. A good singer too. One of the frequent karaoke kaki. Yup she decided to leave the company for a better opportunity out there. We had a little farewell thingy for her at New York New York, 1 Utama. A simple dinner with the gang.

The place

The food

The girls

The guys

The blurs

More food

And more food....

After the food

Photo time

Promoting the iPhone

Ahh, Joo Hwee

The photographer

Not much post processing done to the photos. Actually, there is no post processing done. Except cropping. Haha I am getting too lazy to post process photos. Till my next post about events.


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