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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

KM's Farewell

Share Another long due photos that I should have processed and posted. Can't remember the date for this one. This is another farewell, for Kok Ming a.k.a KM. I knew him since I joined Datacom, too. I remember he was the 1st person who spoke to me on the first day I am there. He thought me a lot when I am working along with him. He thought me even more when I am working under him. He's a good boss. Help me a lot, covered my ass a lot, gave me lots of advice. He has good leadership skills and has a very good vision of what is going to happen next.

We are both into taking photos. It was great fun. Well, what started out as co-worker, now becomes good friend. Within a short time after I left, another 2 left. (There are others but no photos or farewell). Anyway...we had this farewell at a place in KL known as Munakata. A buffet style Japanese restaurant. Well, I won't be going there for farewell again. I'll go if it is a small group. Why? Well they cook everything on the spot for you. Means a lot of waiting time and the menu is really limited, the food portion is really...well..small. We ordered the same thing like so many times. And each order we had like 30 plates of stuff for 5 persons. So you can guess how slow it is and how small is the portion. Not much photos on this one because I am busy eating. I was hungry :(

Ohh and Andy make a special appearance. Sweet eh? And also KM's wife. well, photos time

The place

The food, the portion

The people, sit with me on the same table. The one where we ordered 30 dish. Yup, these are 2 of my buddies among the 5

KM and Cheryl

KM and JH

Chan and couple

The girls

After eating

KM and 2 of the buddies sitting on the same table with me :)

The guys who attended

The girls who attended

Finally this is done. There are a few more coming soon. Sekinchan, PC Fair III 2009, Singapore Christmas 2009, Kenneth and Jasmine couple shoot...well some of them. But that will have to wait. I have to get to my chores now. Till next time.


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