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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chiling Waterfall at Kuala Kubu Baru


Date: March 20th, 2010. Saturday
Time: Early Morning
Weather: Cooling turns warm turn hot
Location: KKB

On March 20th, a SATURDAY. I wake up earlier than usual. Usual as in earlier than weekdays. I think roughly 5.30am on a Saturday. Well at least I set the alarm for 5.30am. But I overslept, as usual. So I had to get ready real fast as Anne will be coming with her soy sauce chicken. We are car pooling to Roy's place to carpool with him to go to KKB. The night was still dark. Did I mentioned it was a Saturday?

Ok so all and all, we managed to make it on time, reached KKB. Found everyone. Everyone includes, Roy, Anne, Alex, Cindy, Soon Hong, Shiau Yun, Sharon, Max and girlfriend, Kenneth and girlfriend (Jasmine). Had a very pressuring breakfast at KKB. The lady keep pushing us for orders. Crazy huh? Well we later found out that it was a haunted place....Scary huh? OK it was NOT a haunted house. The shop was apparently the official cook for some orphan home. And so happen that morning they are coming for breakfast. It was good breakfast. After breakfast, off we went to Chiling.

Upon arrival, we re-pack our food. Yeah, food is important to us :) And we start the long walk to the ranger's office. It took us roughly 5 min. And we are tired. Did I mentioned it was Saturday morning? Anyway, we finally reached there and get ready. And off we go into the woods towards the waterfall. We got lost. GASP! Seriously we did. But lucky we managed to get back to the correct path later.

The hike to the 2nd river took us the longest. The first one is so call river but with a bridge. So that was nothing. After 6 rivers, we finally arrived. Had some fun in the waterfall. Took some photos and makan!!! Then, all of a sudden, the place are filled with people, damn suddenly a waterfall feels like a market. Massively a lot of people. Seriously a lot, we had no place to stand. So we packed and we hike higher to the 2nd waterfall. It was a tough hike. Adventurous. We reached the 2nd waterfall. It was quieter there. We hang out a bit there and the we hike back down. The hike back down is really tiring. Haha....

Enough talking, here are some of the photos


So many people, 1 map and yet we got lost


1st crossing


Taking a break at the 2nd river


Yes, she is taking work/office calls

IMG_0110 IMG_0111 IMG_0118

Happy people



IMG_0123 IMG_0130 IMG_0131 IMG_0134 IMG_0135 IMG_0151 IMG_0164 IMG_0165 IMG_0167 IMG_0170 IMG_0175 IMG_0189



It’s hot right?


This is the path to the 2nd waterfall. I can’t take much of the route. It was a dangerous hike.


Yes, we reached there, all tired and exhausted.


The girls seems ok

IMG_0199 IMG_0203 IMG_0207

Enjoying the sun, after the difficult hike

IMG_0219 IMG_0221 IMG_0235

For JP to see :)

More album coming up. Look out for Justice League of America and also some model shoots in the coming weeks. Till then…See ya


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