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Sunday, November 7, 2010

When There Were Only Us – May and Dan(board)

Share Date: November 7th 2010, Sunday
Time: Early Morning
Weather: Cloudy and windy
Location: Some hanging garden
I've been asked by May to do a shoot with the little Dan(board). When we (shooting buddy Roy and SH) took it up, it seems very do-able. So there we go, did nothing about planning and stuff until the very last minute. ONLY then it hit us, the differences in size is simply too great.
A 5 feet 5 girl with a toy that is merely  half a feet high. We are so dead at that time. But somehow, I don't know how, we just go ahead and do the shoot (after postponing the shoot for 3 months :p)
Weather is not on our side too, cloudy all the way with weak sunshine. (barely any sunshine). So photos are not nice.
To May, we are sorry :( you are perfect, we are not good enough. Forgive us.
Anyway enough talking, here are the photos. Shoot directed by SH. Did I mentioned that you should not look into May's eyes, unless you want to fall deeply in love with her...Or get lost in her eyes. Dangerous wei! Lost lioa hor, cannot find the way out leh @_@ *gulp*
IMG_4274   IMG_4269 IMG_4270  IMG_4296 IMG_4274  IMG_4278 IMG_4280  IMG_4291 IMG_4292  IMG_4386 IMG_4344 IMG_4351 IMG_4356 IMG_4357 IMG_4361 IMG_4371  IMG_4373 IMG_4374 IMG_4375  IMG_4299  IMG_4305 IMG_4306  IMG_4310 IMG_4316 IMG_4318 IMG_4320 IMG_4324 IMG_4328 IMG_4329 IMG_4331 IMG_4332  IMG_4337
Photos can be found here:
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Till next time…


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