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Thursday, September 1, 2011

From Natlely…With Love

Share Date: 13th August 2011, Saturday
Time: Noon
Weather: hot sun, very warm.
Location: Somewhere in Cheras
After a while of not shooting anything, finally decided to join a shoot. Well, the real reason I joined is because
1) featuring Natlely, someone who I wanted to do a photo shoot with a long time but no chance.
2) Wanted to check out the place, reason being, planning to do a shoot there but have no time to survey the place
3) It's an indoor shoot, and surprise surprise, it has a studio environment.
4) I really need to take out the camera :D
Anyway, this time around it is noon. So no waking up early in the morning and stuff. Had enough sleep, got enough time to prepare and get ready. Best part is, got to do studio shooting. Mr.Edmund Lee is a real mentor, taught me a lot despite this is the first time we met. And with shooting buddy Roy around, it's more relaxing and confidence level are higher.
Things were running behind schedule a bit but it was ok. Started with some nice, easy studio shooting. Mr.Edmund Lee setup the lighting and we had remote trigger. Awesome. We then moved to the natural light shooting in one of the rooms and then back to the studio for some concept shoot. Great experience and the place is fully air-conditioned.
Didn't get much photos though, roughly 80 frames, so not much outcome this time around. On to the photos then...
And that's all folks. Support my page Iceman Collection and Natlely's page.

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