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Sunday, April 15, 2012

KK Wong and Joanna Woo’s Pre-Wedding Shoot


Date: 7th April 2012, Saturday
Time: Mid Afternoon
Weather: bright sun, warm weather, high humidity
Location: Kampar

The journey started from KL. I remember vaguely it was 5am and my alarm clock went off. I woke up and went back to sleep. It was a Saturday, sleep is essential. Haha...and then a text message from shooting buddy Roy came, saying that he is on his way. I jumped up and go take a shower and got ready. Luckily for me things are packed the night before with exception of the camera battery. I packed those and I am set to go. We reached Anne's place (the planner) and load everything into the car to go to the next destination, the MUA's place. We've reached Lily's place (the MUA) and then go hunt for RON97 petrol. After filling up, we went to pick up the main photographer for the shoot, Mr. Yue Wai Chee. 5 person in the car and we fly to Kampar. We literally fly there in a car. The journey was a vague one...ohh we were all sleeping, was a Saturday mah...can't help it.

Anyway we reached there around 10am and Lily went straight to work. The official shoot starts at about noon, the worse time to do a photoshoot. But what the heck, we need to do it anyway. So we did, under the hot sun. I pity the bride, Joanna and the groom, KK having to endure the hot sun under the heavy attire.

After a few hours, we took a break for the 2nd session. It was hot as well but then things suddenly went cloudy and then it rained...There was the old shop houses and the miracles of the church and stuff…All and all, things went pretty much ok...Photos here








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