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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Patrick & Samantha

Date: 26th January 2013, Saturday
Time: Dawn
Weather: Cool morning and later bright afternoon, hot but windy
Location: Puchong

This is the wedding of a friend of mine, Patrick, who is also my mentor, he taught me a lot during the days we were colleague. He was single when I knew him and after a short time, he met his love of his life and now tying the knot with his lovely bride, Samantha. I don't really know how their story is but I am very sure it is a beautiful story.

So back to the wedding story, I was to cover Samantha's side while shooting buddy Roy and Victor covered Patrick's side. Both family have not much experience and so it was up to us to give them small advice as we see fit so that everything goes on smoothly, and smoothly it went. So it was an early morning, I was to be there by 6.30am. Luckily it was only a 5 to 8 minutes drive from my place and thus I have enough sleep. The drive there should take only 5 to 8 minutes, I said should be because that is the amount of time needed if you knew your way well enough. Haha and sadly I don't, even with the map on my hand. Am I bad or what?  Anyhow, after a few phone call to the busy bride, I finally made it there, greeted by the family and the dog.  The groom and his gang arrived and the games went on. Everything was just great and went really smooth.

So after the morning session, it was time to head to the reception lunch. Lucky for us, the tea ceremony was short and simple, so we had time to take a coffee break before we start work at the lunch reception. And gosh, this is the smallest reception I ever done. 5 tables and 1 main table, a total of only 6 tables. It was small, yes but it was one of the best reception I ever covered. Everyone mingle around, no odd people that the bride and groom doesn't know, everyone has time to eat (heck, even us, the photographers) and everyone had a good time. Enough said, photos time

There we have it, a happy couple. I have managed to compile a video montage with a little more photos than what you see here. For those that is NOT on mobile platform, the video is here (YouTube) or for those on mobile platform (it works for non mobile platform as well), the video is here (Vimeo). Enjoy

A big congratulations to the new couple Mr and Mrs. Patrick Teoh (Patrick and Samantha). Also not forgetting the to thank my shooting buddy, Roy and Victor for all the help and assistance.  Please help support our Facebook page, Iceman Collection

For more photos and inquiry, do let us know here 

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